Silt Sentinel Silt Trap

Ecotec brings you the latest Silt Trap technology, with brand leader Silt Sentinel.

The brilliant Silt Sentinel silt trap is designed to support SuDS Management and the sewer infrastructure as part of a designed attenuation system, helping prevent flooding by limiting the amount that enters the attenuation system. Manufactured using high strength polyethylene twinwall the unit is extremely robust but lightweight and as they are one piece units, they save significant amounts of onsite costs as they need no construction or wet trades. Designed specifically for siting upstream of smaller modular/crate type attenuation systems the silt sentinel series has a removable integral silt basket which sits just below the inlet pipe. The basket capacity is around 22 kilos, so is able to be lifted out by one person.

How it works : Rainwater enters the unit and any silt and solids in the flow will drop into the basket and initially settle inside and once full the excess rainwater will overflow into the main chamber and any lighter silt and sand will settle at the base of the trap and then cleaner separated water discharges from the outlet pipe into the attenuation system, supporting a more sustainable installation.

Options: The unit can be supplied with a lockable 200kn access cover if required.

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